Biggercoin is a revolutionary business network and a new type of international currency.


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What is Biggercoin?

Biggercoin is a new kind of money on the internet, an effective solution for sending and receiving money with security and anonymity in your transactions. Biggercoin is a fully decentralized open source payment network without any central authority. Biggercoin offers, in addition to its high security in encryption, more speed for the confirmations of the transactions in its network Peer to peer, network is that it works totally decentralized, minimizing the attacks of hackers..

Biggercoin is the digital currency that arrives to simplify the use of digital coins around the world!

Biggercoins coins may be exchanged for US$ and used anywhere in the world to make payments on the debit or credit card Biggerpay or even withdrawals in banks.


Biggercoin is the digital currency revolution as it is created to facilitate the use of crypto-currencies worldwide.


Through Script POW / POS encryption, it enables faster, safer, and decentralized transactions using the Peer to Peer network.


Biggercoins are quickly converted into US$ dollars on the Biggerpay platform and you can use your coins to buy products, make withdrawals or payments of any kind anywhere in the world.


The crypto-currency market is a promising market but the use of these coins on a day-to-day basis is not yet very easy, Biggercoin arrives to serve this market and simplify the use of digital coins.

Biggerpay Card

This card arrives to give freedom of payment of any type of product or make withdrawals in ATMs, making your coins be transformed into coins of your country.


Biggercoin is one of the few digital coins in the world that supports its users, this stand makes all the difference in the use of their currencies in the day to day.

ICO - Initial Coin Offering - Biggercoin

The Biggercoin Project consists in taking the use of Biggercoins or even any other currency to be used in the traditional trade using an instant convergent encryption-currency tool for US$ by crediting the value of the transaction in a credit or debit card issued by Biggerpay, Biggercoin currency support tool, get your coins now and be part of this crypto-currency market revolution.


$ 50

  • 50 coins
  • bonus 5 coins
  • Total: 55 coins


$ 100

  • 100 coins
  • bonus 15 coins
  • Total: 115 coins


$ 500

  • 500 coins
  • bonus 100 coins
  • Total: 600 coins
  • Biggerpay Card Free